Six In Roulette: Types Of Bets

If you want to improve your technique when betting on roulette, the best thing is to gradually incorporate very useful terms to build a solid strategy. Many users play roulette as a simple game of chance for fun, not as a method of making money. And so it should be. But if we play, the right thing to do is to put into practice certain methods that can help us improve the odds of winning. For that reason, in our glossary section, we will explain a very common term: betting on six in roulette.

What Is Sextet In Roulette?

Six or six in roulette is a concept that is also known as double cross row or line. Anyone who mentions one term or another speaks of the same thing. This method consists of betting on numbers that are in two consecutive and transversal rows. In this way, we would have two rows of three dialed numbers, which add up to a total of six bet numbers.

How Do You Make A Bet On Six?

Making a bet on a six is very easy, and at the same time, it is done specially. The chip must be placed on the vertical line that separates the numbers from the dozen boxes, and on the horizontal part that separates two rows of numbers, to choose the six numbers that we are going to play. Once your bet is made in this peculiar way, the numbers you are going to play will be marked.

For example, if we want to make a bet on six numbers 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, and 36, we must place the chip at the upper end between numbers 31 and 34, as shown in the image.

If the ball falls into one of our best numbers, the payment will be 5 to 1. In other words, if our token is one dollar, we will get € 5 net.

Types Of Bets On Six

Within bets on sextet, we find different types of bets on six, as we see below:

System 3 Six

The mat is made up of 6 sixes (1-6, 7-12, 13-18, 19-24, 25-30, 31-36), so in this system, we are going to choose the first, third and fifth to start betting one tab in each of them. You can also choose the second, fourth, and sixth. Once we start, if the desired number does not come out, we raise a chip the bet of the first six. If we lose, again, we increase another chip in the second six. We will continue like this successively, if we lose, increasing a chip in the next six until we reach the end. And if we reach the end and continue to lose, we will increase another one starting again in the first six. When we are right, we start backward one by one. The moment we turn positive, we start again from scratch.

In the example that we show next, the operation of the method is explained, betting on the first, third, and fifth sixes. The numbers correspond to the chips I bet on each of the six:

  • 1 chip at first, 1 chip at the third and 1 chip at the fifth (4 comes out) I win (balance +3)
  • 1-1-1 and (comes out 25) I win (balance +6)
  • 1-1-1 and (comes out 36) I lose (balance +3)
  • 2-1-1 and (leaves 8) I lose (balance -1)
  • 2-2-1 and (comes out 20) I lose (balance -6)
  • 2-2-2 and (comes out 7) I lose (balance -12)
  • 3-2-2 and (comes out 14) I win (balance – 5)
  • 2-2-2 and (comes out 3) I win (balance +1)
  • It starts again

Shotwell System

In the Shotwell systemthe player will use five tokens, giving him the value he wants, depending on his Bankroll. Each of the chips must make 5 bets on six hands, leaving only one six free. When betting with the Shotwell system, a total of 30 numbers will be covered, with only 5 chips, and 7 numbers will be left uncovered, the six empty, plus zero.

For example, if we have a chip of one dollar and we bet online live casino five sixes, for each bet that is made of 1 dollar you will have a profit of 5 dollars, thus recovering what you have bet on the other four-six sixes, plus the generated dollar of profit. It is best to apply this method in Dollarpean roulette, since it has 37 squares.

Quad Six Six System

The main feature of the Quad Six Six system is that it allows a player to cover many roulette numbers roulette at a low cost. The system is made up of a combination of internal bets, as follows: two double six bets, one box bet, and one full bet.

  • The two bets on six double-lines equal two cross bets, which will cover 12 numbers, and the reward for the player will be 5 to 1. After placing six chips for the entire system, the net profit will be 4 units (2 × 5 – 6 = 4).
  • The box bet will cover 4 numbers and is placed on any four number square block on the betting JDL Singapore. In case you win, the reward will be 8 to 1. After you have placed six chips over the entire system, the net profit will be 2 units (8 – 6 = 2).
  • The full bet is placed anywhere on the board, and in case of winning, the reward will be 35 to 1. After having placed six chips for the whole system, the net profit will be 29 units (35-6 = 29). The most advisable thing is to place this tile in an area of ​​the roulette that is not touched by six or squares.

Therefore, an example of a Double Quad Six System bet would be to place 1 chip on the number 3, 1 chip on the table that includes the numbers 26, 27, 29, 30, 2 chips a bet of six lines that includes the numbers 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 2 chips in a six-line bet that includes the numbers 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21. With this system, the player covers half of the roulette wheel (17 / 37), but the chances of success are greater to opt for this system.